Here at The Adventure Office we enjoy nothing more than getting those emails asking what to do and where to go? Tell us your budget, small or large, we don’t mind. Matt will be happy to sit down either in person or over email and help you put together the best possible trip.

Gerty and pax for web copy  Then at the drop of a hat, we’ll load up ‘Gerty’ with all the supplies you need and take you on a magical mystery tour of Malawi. Malawi’s road structure is enviably developed and fortunately for road users, paved roads lead to most destinations, therefore it is unsurprising that most trips use these roads for transferring visitors around the country.


However… we are also strongly aware that for some people, exclusively sticking to the tarmac feels like missing out on an authentic African experience. When you think of travelling Africa, do you imagine crossing rivers, navigating through the wilderness and probably getting a bit covered in mud, dust and sand? Well if so, we can design a trip to include anything from just a little, to nothing but, off road. Let us take you through the real Malawian countryside where the roads demand skilled drivers in cars designed for the challenge. There is nothing we enjoy more than turning left off the main road and taking the time to enjoy what visiting Africa is all about. It could be a two hour dirt track day trip to Kamuzu dam for a braai and some beers, or incorporating mud trails as part of a larger trip, or tackling the drive up to Nyika plateau, or… where do you want to go?

Experiencing adventure doesn’t have to be confined to specific activities Gerty 1 For Web Copyor set destinations. With us the journey can be the most memorable part of your trip. Travel with us and you’ll experience things some visitors never get the chance to see.