Are you considering volunteering in Malawi?

We believe that, with time and effort, volunteering is good for volunteers and good for Malawi, so we won’t charge you for our time linking you with a project. We want to help you support Malawi through local suppliers and locally-based projects, rather than by attaching any particular projects to our company.

No doubt you are aware of the ethical considerations involved in volunteering and how important it is to consider the consequences of your good intentions. We believe that volunteering is a two way journey and we only work with projects which treat both participants as beneficiaries, not as givers and receivers.

If you decide that you have the time to take part in a volunteer project, we hope that we’ll be able to help. Different individuals have very different skills and we take the time to match up your interests and skills with the right projects. Over the years we have helped groups looking to establish long-term projects and partnerships, individuals wanting to spend a bit of their time in Malawi doing something different, and families on sabbatical.

We know Malawi, so we have some idea of what works here and what doesn’t. Whether it is people, animals, sport or the environment, many of our contacts (or more precisely, our friends) run inspiring projects across the country.

Below are some sample projects and their plans for the coming year, to give you some idea of the range of possibilities. For more information drop us a line and we can talk about the projects that are most suited to you and your skills.

Cool Runnings – Senga Bay
IMG_0328This small owner-run lodge is right on the shores of Lake Malawi. The lodge is heavily involved in the local community, running everything from rubbish clear ups to disabled groups. Cool Runnings’ ethos is all about sustainable projects that require little to no interference once they are running.
For 2015 Sam (the owner) would like to build a club house for the football team they created. They also want to fence the football pitch and build eco-toilets. The eco-toilets will produce fertilizer which can then be sold to create revenue for the local community. The aim is to build with rammed earth and recycled materials wherever possible. Of course there will also be the opportunity to get involved with the coaching/playing side if you wish.

Butterfly-Space, Nkhata Bay –Dinner 2 Adjust(27)
This lakeside lodge based in the travellers’ haven of Nkhata Bay runs a variety of projects within the local community. If you would like to teach or work with young people, this is the place for you: many of their projects are based within the local school and youth groups. They are also involved in local disabled and women’s groups as well as permaculture training.
In the last twelve months they have built a community youth club, equipped with a table tennis table and small library. They have also helped the local women’s group to make and sell peanut butter to the local lodges. They are currently building a new classroom for disabled children. If you present them with an idea they can tell you if it’s feasible. Their projects are mostly funded by the volunteers themselves.

Luwawa Forest Lodge – Chikangawa
In the highlands of Malawi this ex-forestry lodge has been running for many years and has been assisting the local community for almost as long.
The projects for 2015 would involve the renovation of one of the main school buildings, including painting the building and maintaining the principle structure of the building.

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre – Lilongwe
As the first ‘People and Wildlife Centre’ of its kind in the world, they offer volunteers the unique opportunity to help not only with wild animal rescue, rehabilitation and release but also in education and community projects that are making a real difference to wildlife conservation within local communities.
You will be working primarily at the sanctuary, which is an international award winning project comprising 120 hectarHPIM2466es of protected and pristine wilderness right in the heart of Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe. Permanent animal residents include primates, carnivores and reptiles and – since the centre is the only wildlife sanctuary in Malawi – there are new arrivals that need help every week. You can also help the education team out – over 12,000 children from local schools and orphanages visit the Centre every year – and there are regular visits to community projects where volunteer support is also required.
*Please note this project carries an additional fee in addition to your living costs.

Kuti Game Ranch – Salima
IMGP0709Kuti Game Ranch is situated close to Senga Bay and is a relatively new project.
This stunning 2000 hectare wildlife reserve is home to wildlife like zebra, giraffe, sable and other antelopes. As the site for all the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre’s non-primate releases, you’ll have the chance to work on wildlife surveys and tracking in addition to the construction, education and outreach projects.
*Please note this project carries an additional fee in addition to your living costs.

Play Football Malawi – LilongweHuntaaa
Sport is one of the great levellers in life and none more so than football. Join in the training projects and take part in matches with some of the local teams. This is a great way to get involved and is guaranteed to create a lot of smiles on all sides!

Music Crossroads – Lilongwe
This is a non-profit organisation that supports the development of music education and the music industry in the southern African region. Do you have musical talents you would like to share? Then these are the guys for you.

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Don’t see anything here that takes your fancy? Or do you have something particular in mind? No problem, the projects we can put you in touch with are too many to list here.