Senga Bay & Blue Zebra Island

Being the closest lakeshore point to the capital city Lilongwe, Senga Bay is a favourite for weekend visits! A wide stretch of beach hosts numerous lodges offering lakeshore activities and local fishermen going about their daily life.

Just 3km off the shore is Nankoma island, home to Blue Zebra Island Lodge and one of three islands in the Marelli archipelago. The islands fall under the protection of Lake Malawi National Park, the first freshwater National Park on the planet and are home to a vast array of wildlife both above and below the lake’s surface. Several species of cichlid fish are unique to the island’s proximity; otters can be seen both in and out of the water. On the island itself, bush babies, rock rabbits and monitor lizards are not uncommon to spot and with over 300 species the bird life is spectacular.


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