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Southern Malawi is not only home to Liwonde – Malawi’s best known National Park – but also to Majete, the new jewel in Malawi’s crown.

Liwonde National Park:Kingfisher for web

Arguably the best National Park in Malawi, Liwonde has a high concentration of elephants, hippos, crocodiles, antelope and many other mammals, all living in beautiful riverine scenery. Dense palm and reed groves house a multitude of birdlife, with over 400 recorded species and unique populations only found in this area – this makes Liwonde a must visit for all bird enthusiasts.

Majete Wildlife Reserve:

Although this park was established in 1955 it wasn’t until its dramatic resurgence in the early 2000s that it really became a contender as Malawi’s premium wildlife reserve. Following the reintroduction of lions in 2012, it is now the only place in Malawi where you could see the “Big Five”. Accommodation at Majete has also improved dramatically, with a range of options from Majete Community Campsite all the way up to the superb Mkulumadzi Luxury Lodge.


South Luangwa:

In our opinion the finest park in South or East Africa (and you can trust us, we’ve been to just about all of them!). South Luangwa has it all. Twenty-strong prides of lions, African wild dog, elephant, hippo and you even have a really good chance of spotting Africa’s ultimate amber-eyed predator – the leopard. Most of the lodges are situated along the river-bank allowing you to game-view from the comfort of your room, before you’ve even been on a game drive! Thanks to a newly improved road that runs all the way to the park gate, South Luangwa is just a morning’s journey away.