Check out our FAQs for travel to Malawi

Malawi’s peak season for safari game viewing is September to November when the weather is hot and the plains are very dry thus game is easiest to spot.  
Tourism’s busiest time is over Europe / US summer holidays, where it’s our winter – but fear not it is generally still a pleasant and sunny 20-25 degrees celcius with barely a drop of rain over the entire period! The safari season is back open with baby animals booming in the park after the rains and the lakeshore is bustling with activities.
The rainy season is generally from December to April but even during this period we often have beautiful sunny days interspersed with a heavy downpour at night.

Yes, the majority of nationalities will require a visa. However, there a number of visa-free countries so to check for more information about your visa requirements and to apply online, visit:

There are no compulsory vaccinations required for Malawi, however, we recommend you consult with your local travel clinic for the most up-to-date recommendations, particularly in regard to malaria prophylactics. Proof of yellow fever vaccination is required if you are coming from or have transited through an airport of a country where yellow fever occurs.
Buying Praziquantel tablets as a treatment for Bilharzia is strongly advised for those who have been at the lakeshore.  You can easily purchase the tablets in country to be taken 6-8 weeks after last being in the lake.
Malawi has the Malawi Kwacha- MWK as its currency. It’s a closed currency so you can only access it within Malawi. You will be able to exchange dollars, pounds, euros, and rand at the airport. There is also an ATM to withdraw Malawi Kwacha (international cards are accepted).
Most lodges will accept Malawi Kwacha MWK or US Dollars but if shopping locally in supermarkets or for souvenirs, Malawi Kwacha is best. Many lodges do take card payments these days but it’s still advisable to have cash to be on the safe side.

Malawi is a very safe and peaceful place. One of the safest African countries. But please do keep in mind that Malawi is also one of the poorest countries in the world so be mindful of leaving cash, gadgets or expensive jewellery unattended (the same as holidaying in New York, London or Paris) as any crime that does occur is generally opportunistic.  

Yes.  Malawi is very child friendly – there are just a few adults-only lodges so feel free to check with us and we’ll advise you on the most suitable accommodation options.

Absolutely!  However, if you’re travelling with very young children please double check with us on the most family-friendly safari lodges as not all accept children below the age of 6, and a few do not accommodate children at all.   

Many hotels and lodges do accept credit cards although we do suggest having cash as well just in case.
Some lodges/ hotels have WiFi although for a constant internet connection, we would suggest purchasing a cheap local sim card and internet data package (check your phone is unlocked before arrival!).
Airtel and TNM are the two most popular phone companies and there is an airtel shop in Lilongwe airport.  If you’re booking one of our packages, speak to us about sim cards as we maybe able to organise ready for your arrival.

Along with your essentials of camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, medication (talk to your doctor about anti-malarials), travel documents and USD $ cash for any national park fees you may visit (ask us how much for your trip), we’d also highly recommend a battery pack charger, insect repellent spray, neutral colored clothing for safari, closed walking shoes, and swimwear. Plus a good book for those looking to relax!

Malawi runs UK plugs mostly – 230v at 50Hz. The plug type used is the rectangular blade 3-pin plug. Make sure to bring converter sets for your video camera, shaving kit, hair dryer, etc. Occasionally, some lodges have south african sockets but ask at reception as they’ll usually carry adapters.

Yes, if your tour starts at either of our two International Airports a driver will meet you just after arrivals at the terminal exit (Covid regulations do not allow non-passengers within the terminal building currently) holding a sign with your name.

Tips are most welcome, especially for good service but are not automatically expected for every interaction. We suggest 10%-20% but it is completely discretionary.
The timezone in Malawi is GMT +2
June to August is Malawi’s winter where temperatures can drop below 20C / 68F in the highlands but mostly sit between 20-25 on the lakeshore. September to November is Malawi’s hot, dry season – also best for game spotting but be prepared for some very warm temperatures the later you come! December is the warmest month where temperatures can go up to 38C / 100F, which marks the start of our rainy season as the humidity rises after so many months of dry weather.  The heaviest rains are usually January and February with a shoulder season of March and April where the sunshine breaks through again.
Most lodges in Malawi serve European / American dishes as well as local favourites. If you have allergies or special dietary requirements, please inform us when you are booking and we’ll communicate with the lodges before your arrival to ensure you are well looked after.

That’s no problem at all, we’d be happy to help.  Drop us a line to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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